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Buying a new home is exciting, but it does come with hidden expenses. This video has 4 projects that new homeowners typical end up splurging on, and the average cost of each project. For more content & project costs visit HomeAdvisor’s Facebook page:

Project List:
1. Landscaping: Average cost ,279
2. New Wood Fence: Average cost ,485
3. Repave the driveway: Average cost ,850
4. Hire a lawn care service: Average cost 8

How The JonBenet Ramsey’s New Home Owner Brightened The House With Dark Past

The Colorado home where little JonBenet Ramsey was found viciously murdered in December 1996 has been a source of fascination for 20 years, and its interior has remained largely unseen – until now. Carol Schuller Milner, the daughter of televangelist Robert Schuller, bought the Boulder house in 2004. “It is a wonderful place to live, it is home,” she told Inside Edition.

12 Most Frightening Homeowner Discoveries

From squatters that lived hidden in your walls to finding out your house is filled w/ deadly mold these are scary homeowner findings

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Ben and Amber Sessions had just recently moved into their new dream home located in a small town in Idaho. Right after moving in, Ben started finding over 40 garter snakes in his yard each day, removing them in bucket loads. Soon after, they began to hear noises coming from inside the walls late at night while lying in bed. Ben removed a panel of siding from the wall and out poured large amounts of snakes. The Sessions later discovered their home was sitting on top on a giant snake hibernaculum and eventually had to file for bankruptcy in order to move out of their home.

Helen Weisensel made the shocking discovery of finding the skull and bones of a human child underneath her new Wisconsin home while carrying out some renovations. As it turns out, Helen had purchased this house with a little more than what she originally bargained for; a 170-year-old ancient cemetery as confirmed by local historians and archaeologists. Because of her house’s newfound status as an official historic burial ground, she had to get permission to redo her home’s foundation which would take a staggering 15 months. After the renovations were complete, Helen still went through with the decision to live in her home.

Linda DeForest and her husband happened to discover a bomb that was still very much active inside the basement of their new home in Goshen, Indiana. At first, Mrs. DeForest hadn’t realized it was a bomb and mistook it for a torpedo. Her husband knew it was real as soon as he picked it up because of how heavy it was. They contacted a family friend of theirs, Joshua Blankenship, who happened to be an army veteran and identified the bomb as showing no signs of being disarmed or disassembled. They then called an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit who came and removed the bomb. The couple believes that the previous resident collected war memorabilia and didn’t want to risk transporting it.

The story goes as such, two young boys happened to be playing in their parent’s room when they accidentally dislodged the bookcase they were playing next to. The bookcase revealed a hidden staircase that led to a secret crawlspace. That’s not the terrifying part. The two boys found that someone had been living in their house for quite some time. They found some clothes, blankets, dolls, a key, and candy wrappers. Those candies belonged to the boys so whoever was sleeping there snuck out and stole them while the boys were either gone or asleep. The police still haven’t caught the person that had been living in the walls of this family’s home.

A local man in Indiana made a gruesome find underneath the wood shop in his new home. He was told about the trapdoor that was located there and his curiosity led him to discover bones. The bones were later examined by an osteologist expert who identified them as being human. Furthermore, they were also determined to be a child’s by noticing the epiphyseal line in the bones. It would also appear that the bones were cut up as stated by the man who found them. Some people speculate that this could have been one of the victims of the “Candy Man” a serial killer who mutilated, raped, and killed the bodies of at least 28 boys in the 1970s.

1. A Mummified Corpse
A man named Jorge Giro had just recently bought a new house that was located in the seaside town of Roses, Spain. He had gotten a great deal on it as it was a foreclosure because the previous owner had somehow mysteriously vanished several years ago. Unfortunately for Mr. Giro, he wasn’t expecting the house to come with a roommate when he discovered the dead corpse of the previous owner. She had apparently died and no one even knew, they all thought she just got up and left one day. The bank failed to do a walk-through of the house and the real estate is just as to blame for not checking out the house before re-selling it at auction. It’s believed that the body had been there for around 6 years when the mortgage stopped being paid and the salty ocean air is what helped naturally mummify the body.


GLORY TO GOD! I am officially a homeowner! I recently invested into property in Dallas, TX & I’m super excited! I will be back and forth between LA and Dallas, and will eventually buy in LA as well! I’m super excited about this journey and can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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Why Did You Choose to Buy in TEXAS?
I’m really big on investing money and what other way than buying property?! LA is great but I’ve already lived here and kind of over the hype. I will be back and forth for work, but the amount of space that I got in TEXAS for the price that I paid, wouldn’t get a top of the line 2 bed room condo in LA! see the smarts?? lol.

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Homeowner Pulls Gun To Stop New Electric “Smart” Meter From Being Installed

Homeowner Pulls Gun To Stop New Smart Meter From Being Installed Texas.

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Lawn Care for the New Homeowner

Don’t let the thought of managing your first lawn send you into a panic. Keeping your lawn green and healthy is much easier than you think. Just mow high, mow often, fertilize on the holiday schedule with Milorganite and if you water, water thoroughly and less frequently.